Shopping – Korea

Shopping is a very interesting activity, especially if you are on a foreign land. It will introduce you to many indigenous items, very unique products that the locals have made. It is also a nice window that will give you good glimpse at the way of life of the locals.

When you are shopping in Korea, you will experience that and more.

Location and How to Get There

The most popular markets in all of Korea, is of course, the ones in the capital city of Seoul. The shopping centers in this district are many and varied. To get to the hippest market hubs, you only need to get to Seoul, Korea. Getting around is easy by using public transport.

If you intend to go to other marketplaces in other parts of the country, especially Busan and Jeju, which are also popular shopping towns, you may use the available transport options for easy accessibility.

What to See There

There are many things, many products that you can find in Korean markets. From luxury brands to cosmetics to souvenirs to pottery to textile to handicrafts to food items, you will never get short of choices when shopping in Korea. Here are some options in Seoul alone:

* Shop at department stores for great deals on a wide variety of item choices, plus a chance to have entertainment on the side. Myong Dong is a famous shopping district in downtown Seoul. It has no less than four big department stores that feature fashion at its finest. Many local and foreign brands offer a delightful number of items that will easily shape an interesting fashion statement for you.

* Namdaemun Market, meanwhile, boasts of its bargains lined up on the crowded streets. You can get clothes at affordable prices here, so as foodstuffs.

* If you are into antique and artsy products, Insa-dong is the place for you. It is a narrow street lined up with shops selling items significant to the country’s past as well as handicrafts, paintings, and calligraphy. This is also the part of Korea where you can find art galleries and traditional tea houses.

* Hwanghak-dong Flea Market is the place for everything second-hand – from furniture to appliances to clothing and shoes.

* For anything electronic, you can run to Yongsan Electronics Market. It is the biggest out there, not just in Korea but also in all of Asia. It houses about 5,000 electronic shops, quite amusing for techies everywhere.


Shopping is a favorite activity among Koreans. The development of the shopping districts made way for local and imported goods become accessible to sensible shoppers.


If you intend to shop till you drop, you must be ready to spend much. Then again, you must think about baggage charges if you are coming from a foreign land. Also, be very careful with what you buy and how much you buy because you might not have anything left for exploring other good things about traveling to Korea.

Other Info

Korea has been tagged as a shopper’s paradise. Shopping has become part of the country’s tradition since ancient times.