Siaurukas Narrow-Gauge Railway – Lithuania

The Siaurukas narrow gauge railway was a structure built in the late 1800s for loading goods and people. Today it is one of the major tourist attractions in Lithuania.


The railway line stretches from Panevezys to Anyksciai and goes on to Rubikiai.

What to See

During the early days of its building, the railway was used for transporting merchandise and even people, as it was the primary means of transportation in Aukstaitija. Today the trains are no longer utilized for that purpose.

Instead, they have been converted into tourist trains and are powered by locomotive TU-2. Visitors to the Siaurukas narrow gauge railway will get the chance to explore the many interesting places around the railway. You can also visit the nearby museum and learn more about the place.


The building of the railway actually began in 1891. By November 11, 1895, 750 mm wide sections had been installed, linking Pastovai and Svencioneliai. In 1898, the railway was able to reach Panevezys. The fall of 1899 saw the launching of the first trains. The trains were used for carrying passengers and goods.

The year 1916 saw the German Army set down a couple of new 600 mm wide sections. The period between the two World Wars was the heyday of the railway train. Lithuania’s economy prospered. The time of Lithuanian independence (1920-1938) saw its municipalities make extensive use of this railway. During this time, Panevezys was the center of much economic activity.

As the years went by, the need to use the railway gradually lessened. While it was no longer used for service, the government saw its potential for tourism. In 1996 it was declared a national technical heritage.

It would soon be used as a historical tourist train. Since the 2000s, tourist interest in it has grown. Aside from the train, some parts of the complex have been declared of cultural importance too.


The ticket prices for the Anyksciai – Troskunai – Anyksciai route is 20 Lt. The tickets can be purchased at the Anyksciai Railway Station. The address is 2 Vilties, Anyksciai, Lithuania. Holiday ticket prices can range from 10 – 80 Lt.

Other Info

The tour also includes many cultural programs. There is a brass orchestra and classical music at the Troskunai Monastery. Foood and drinks are also served at the train.

A Siaurukas narrow gauge railway may also include some wine tasting and listening to popular songs during the trains heydays. You can also take pictures of the visit.