Siavonga – Zambia

The tourist attractions in Siavonga may not yet be that well known. However, it is actually one of the more attractive places you can visit in Zambia.


The town is located at the Southern Province in Zambia. It is situated by Lake Karbias north shore. It is 2 and a half hours away from Lusaka.

What to See

The Kariba Dam is probably the best known attraction here. It was built by the British during the colonial period. You are allowed to stroll along the dam wall and check out the observation post. From here you will get a nice view of the gorges, lakes and the power stations.

Many of the activities here revolve around the waters. You can go waterskiing or paragliding here. Windsurfing is another popular activity among the tourists. There are many services you can rent the equipment from.

Sunset cruises are also among the tourist attractions in Siavonga. Some of the companies that offer it are Lake Safari Lodge, Lake Kariba Inn and Eagle’s Rest.


Fishing is the number one industry in the town. For several years now, fishing has become the primary source for the residents income. As the years have gone by, other industries have become profitable. One of the most popular now is farming.

The crocodile farms are a source of livelihood as well. The crocodile skins are exported for use in fashion accessories and even as delicacies. One of the more promising areas is uranium mining. Recently, the element was uncovered in the area. Its presence could mean the creation of more jobs for the people. Stone cutting is another prevalent occupation.


If you are going on safari camps and will check out the parks, it will probably cost you 300 to 450 USD or about 150 to 250 Pounds. If you will stay at rest houses and budget, the cost will go down to 36 to 54 USD.

Other Info

Another popular destination for tourists are the crocodile farms. There is one situated at the Mutinangala Road. There is another crocodile farm at just past the Lake Kariba Inn. Both of the farms are free.

If you are going to visit the tourist attractions in Siavonga, do not forget to go on a Kapenta rig tour. The Kapenta are fish that were introduced in the area back in the 1960s. During the evenings, you will be able to see the rigs utilizing lights to draw in the fish.