Sihanoukville – Cambodia

Sihanoukville – Cambodia is a port city also known as Kampong Som. This province is flanked by beaches and islands thereby making it an excellent beach holiday getaway for travelers from all parts of the world.


Sihanoukville – Cambodia is situated south of the country on the shores of the Gulf of Thailand. It is approximately one hundred and eighty-five kilometers or roughly about one hundred and fifteen miles off the southwestern parts of the country’s capital city of Phnom Penh.

Getting There

Getting to Sihanoukville – Cambodia can be via air or road travel. There is an international airport within the province about eighteen kilometers off the city centre although commercial flights are rather limited.

The nearest airport that has international flights is the one located in Phnom Penh. From here, you can take a shared taxi or bus to Sihanoukville which will take about three to four hours.

Buses and shared taxis or cars are available from 7 in the morning until about 2:30 in the afternoon.

What to See

Beaches are the top tourist spots in Sihanoukville – Cambodia. You can check out Ocheteaul Beach located on the eastern section of the province. From the downtown area, this is about a five-minute ride on a motorcycle – the most common mode of public transport in the province.

There are beach stands and chairs here where you can have a taste of Khmer cuisine.

Other beaches to check out are Victory Beach which is close to the city port; Serendipity Beach where there is an abundance of Western-inspired bars and diners; and Hawaii Beach where you can rent small boats to explore the islands.

Brief History

Sihanoukville – Cambodia, considered as the biggest resort town in the country, got its name from King Norodom Sihanouk, known as the “Father of the Nation.” Sihanoukville – Cambodia is actually a new city in the country since it was established only in the year 1960, after it gained independence from France as a port.

This enabled the province to enter into international trades. The port was built in 1955 and the workers remained here hence; they were the very first settlers in the province.

This port has become an important trade route for Cambodia thereby greatly helping in developing the country’s economy.


Transportation to Sihanoukville – Cambodia via bus usually costs about $4 to $7; while shared cars cost about $7 per person. If you want to rent the whole car so you can reach Sihanoukville – Cambodia in private, you may rent it out for about $55.

Accommodations are via guesthouses and hotels which can range from $2 to $6 per person for the lower range; mid-range is about $12 to $15 per night, per person; while luxury hotels can cost $1,500 up to $3,000 per night, per room.

Other Information

Sihanoukville – Cambodia is best visited during the months of November through February. Weather conditions during this time are favorable: cooler climate and sunnier days.