Simbu Province – Papua New Guinea

The tourist attractions at Simbu are quickly becoming one of the favorite destinations for visitors at Papua New Guinea. For the first time visitor, there are several places to see and things to do here.


The province is situated in the Highlands Region province. Geographically speaking, the province is set at the central highlands cordillera of the country. The political and geographic boundaries are shared by Madang, the Gulf, Southern Highlands, Eastern Highlands and the Western Highlands.

What to See

One of the places to see here is the provincial capital of Kundiawa. There are several mountain peaks in the area. There is also a well designed airstrip nearby. Some of the rugged terrains can be used for hiking.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions at Simbu are the rivers where you can go on different adventures. The road going to Kegsugl can be found at Mount Wilhelm. This will go through rugged terrains. There are several guest houses in the area too. The well marked track allows you to trek the many interesting villages, valleys and rainforesrts.


The province is also known as Chumbu. Currently, the province spans an area of 6,100 km2. The area is best known for its organic coffee. Overall however, the resources in the province are somewhat limited.

The most conspicuous features of the province are the rugged mountains. There are several schools in the province including Kerowagi Secondary School, Yauwe Moses Secondary School and Kondiu Rosary Secondary School.

The governor of the province is John Garia, who was elected to the position in 2007. The provincial administrator heads the provincial bureaucracy. Kundiawa is the provincial headquarters. This is also the site of the provincial airport. Due to the growth of tourism in the area, the number of guest houses in Kundiawa are increasing rapidly.


If staying at the good hotels, you have to spend about 300 USD a day. The midrange accommodations will cost you about 100 USD. If you prefer to stay in guest houses and backpacking, you can live on K178 (US$60) daily.

Other Info

Not far from Kundiawa are numerous caves. These were used as burial sites and worth exploring. The Nambaiyufa amphitheater is known for its rock paintings. Also interesting are the Keu Caves.

The caves are among the most popular tourist attractions at Simbu. There are many other caves in the area, but they are more suited for those who have experience exploring caves.