Snorkeling – Fiji

If you are considering snorkeling – Fiji could just be the perfect holiday getaway for you. The islands of Fiji provide travelers holidaying here with plenty of opportunities to enjoy some of their favorite water sports including snorkeling.


Fiji, officially known as The Republic of the Fiji Islands, is located in Melanesia, a sub-region in Oceania. It is approximately two thousand kilometers or one thousand and three hundred miles off the north eastern part of the North Island of New Zealand.

Getting There

You can fly in to Fiji via its major international airport, Nadi International Airport located in Nadi, Fiji’s largest island. There is also an international airport located in Suva although this one has limited international flights.

You can also get to the Fiji islands via boat although this is more expensive than flying in and the trip takes longer.

To reach the beaches where you can go snorkeling in Fiji, there are minibuses otherwise known as shared taxis, buses and private taxis to take you around the islands.

Inter-island flights are also available.

What to See

When you go snorkeling in Fiji, you can see three different types of coral reefs: atolls, fringing reefs and barrier reefs. The crystal clear waters provide excellent visibility up to thirty meters down below.

There are more than four hundred various species of corals that you can find in the waters surrounding the Fiji islands from yellow and red soft corals to hard corals.

The most fascinating characteristics of these corals are what are called as “bommies.” They are huge coral heads that rise like mountain peaks reaching as far up as a couple of feet from the surface of the water.

There are likewise a number of various colorful sea creatures that you can spot while visiting the corals during your snorkeling expedition in Fiji.

Starfish, giant clams, reptiles, plumed lion fish, angelfish, butterfly fish, puffers, clownfish and anemones are only some of these colorful sea life.

Snorkeling – Fiji is one adventure you wouldn’t want to miss out when visiting the islands.

Brief History

Most of the islands of Fiji were a result of volcanic activity spanning one hundred and fifty million years ago.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, Fiji was visited by Dutch and British explorers after which, the British took hold of the power over the islands and this lasted for almost one century.

Fiji finally gained its independence in the year 1970. Internal conflicts however arose including military coups back in 1987. In the year 1997, a new constitution was introduced to the people of the islands.


For your snorkeling – Fiji holiday, you will find that you have plenty of options when it comes to accommodations. From budget-friendly rooms to more luxurious suites, there’s a room for any type of traveler visiting the Fiji islands.

Budget rooms range from USD 10 to USD 50 per person, per night while more luxurious accommodations usually start at USD 136 and can go all the way up to USD 190.

For Snorkeling – Fiji equipment rental, this is generally around USD 12 per item.

Other Information

For snorkeling-Fiji, it is important that you go with an experienced diver especially if you are planning on going at night as they are more familiar with the waters of the islands.