Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom

Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom is a district as well as a national park in the country. It is one of the most widely-visited parks in these parts of Wales, welcoming more than six million guests each year.


Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom is located in the northernmost tip of the country, bordered by the county of Gwynedd and the county borough of Conwy.

Getting There

You can reach Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom via your own car hire service or public transportation. A drive to the national park is recommended however; as you can enjoy scenic views you will pass along the way at a more leisurely pace.

If you will be coming from Northern England or Scotland, you can take A55; from the Midlands as well as South of England, take A5; and from South of Wales, take A470.

If you will be flying in, the closest airports are located in Manchester as well as Birmingham.

From these points, you can take a train to North Wales and then to Snowdonia.

What to See and Do

Within Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom is the United Kingdom’s highest peak, Snowdon. This being said, the most popular activity in Snowdonia is mountain climbing, trekking or hiking.

It is estimated that about five hundred thousand visitors climb the mountain every year.

There are several routes that you can take to climb up the mountain including one through Crib Goch arête. This is a rather challenging climb so beginners are advised against taking this route.

You can also kite-surf, ride your mountain bike through different trails and go white water rafting or canoeing.

If sightseeing is more of what you have in mind, there are castles that you can visit dating as far back as the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

Brief History

Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom covers an area of eight hundred and thirty-eight square miles or a little over two thousand square kilometers.

The name of the park is taken from the dominant mountain peak here which is Snowdon. The national park was founded in the year 1951, making it the 3rd national park to be established in Britain.

The park is divided into private and public ownership, with more than half of it privately owned.


There is no cost to enter the premises of Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom.

Accommodations around Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom, cost about 25 up to39 Pounds per person for hotel rooms; and 120 up to 350 Pounds for self-catering holiday rentals.

Other Information

Before going on a hike, it is best to check the weather conditions first as Snowdonia in North Wales – United Kingdom gets its fair share of rainfall. The summit is also often enveloped in mist so it is recommended to check these conditions first for safety purposes.