Sofiyivsky Park in Cherkasy Oblast – Ukraine

The Sofiyivsky Park in Ukraine is a botanical garden and has been the subject of scientific research for several years. It is also one of the most popular parks in the country today.


The park is situated to the north of Uman city at Central Ukraine. It is not far from the Kamianka River. The address is 20300, Kyivska str, 12-a, Uman, Cherkassy Region, Ukraine.

What to See

Some design elements of the park are akin to an English garden. There are over 1,900 types of brush and trees in the site. These include ginkgo, tulip tree, the Weymouth Pine and many more. The towers built during the 1800s can still be seen at the main entrance. At the Visitors Center, there is an observation area. This also houses a museum, sauna, hotel and restaurant.

Over at Lake Geneva is the gazebo. This is one of the main attractions at Sofiyivsky Park in Ukraine. Its shape is similar to a mushroom.

The main landmarks here are the Three Drops Waterfall, the Rose Garden, the Lower Pond lake and Kavkazka Mountain. The major rivers are the Akheront and Kam’yanka rivers.

The park is also filled with several grottoes and stone gardens. Visitors to the park will also see narrow arching bridges and different kinds of trees. There are also several fountains in the park.


The park was established in 1796. Its founder was the Polish noble Count Stanislaw Szczesny Potocki. The park got its name from the wife of the noble. The park was built at a cost of 15 million zloty. During those days, it was a fortune. The park was designed by Ludwik Metzel, who employed serfs to work on the site.

After it was built, the park was laden with several sculptures and statues. In terms of design, it is very much like those of an 18th or 19th century European garden. On August 21 2007, the site was declared one of the Wonders of Ukraine. Its inclusion was based on voting on the Internet.


Entrance to the park is free.

Other Info

You will also see some pine trees and cypresses at the main alley’s right side. Taypersk Rock can be found at the main alley’s right side. Just before the Flore Pavilion is the Silver sources spring.

An estimated half a million people visit the park annually. The Sofiyivsky Park in Ukraine is open daily starting at 9:00 am. It closes at 6:00 pm.