Sosua in Puerto Plata – Dominican Republic

Sosua in Puerto Plata is one of the top tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic. It is primarily known for its bars and nightclubs. But there are other interesting things to do here.


The town is in the province of Puerto Plata. Those coming from abroad will fly in directly to the airport. After you plane in, taxis will be waiting to take you to your destination. The town can also be reached via Camino Cinco.

What to See

Check out the beach bearing the name of the town. It stretches for 1 km and is always lively. There are plenty of souvenir items you can buy as well as drinks. The El Batey neighborhood was established by exiled Jews during WWII. There is a museum and synagogue there.
Los Charamicos is near the beach and is a lively place. It is known for Club Gallistico and the cockfighting events that take place.

Playa Alicia is another popular tourist attraction at Sosua in Puerto Plata. This beach is more tranquil than the others. Some tour operators will offer jeep tours of the town and whitewater rafting. You can also go horseback riding.


The town is separated into three parts: Los Charamicos, Sosua Abajo and El Batey. The latter is the part that is frequented by tourists. The town is best known for the 1938 Evian Conference. The country agreed to take in over 100,000 Jewish refugees.

They obtained their visas during World War II (1940-45). They were provided with the resources necessary to live in the area. The town itself was little known to the outside world until the 1980s. That was when tourists started taking notice of its beaches and bars.


Cost of airfares will vary depending on the duration of the trip, the airline and other factors. Regardless, you have to pay a 15 USD entrance fee. The taxi fare from the airport is 25 USD. In some cases, it may even be higher.

Other Info

The beaches here are perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. Not far from the beaches are shops where you can buy all sorts of items. These include tote bags, T-shirts, paintings etc. Tip: always bargain before buying. In many cases, you will be able to buy the item at 50% off the price given.

There are many other tourist attractions at Sosua in Puerto Plata. You can go whale watching in December, go deep sea fishing or visit the waterfalls.