Spanish Turret in Luxembourg City – Luxemburg

The Spanish Turret is one of the better known tourist spots in Luxembourg. The fascinating views it offers has made it one of the most fascinating places you can visit in the country.


The turret can be found in Luxembourg City.

What to See

The turret has a great view of the Vauban barracks which were built in 1685. The dominant features here are the Upper and Lower Grünewald ports (1685). Besides the barracks, the turret also gives you a good view of three towers that were constructed in 1050. There are numerous monuments here too.

The observation deck gives you an opportunity to see the surrounding area clearly. The Spanish Turret also has a vista of the Pfaffenthal suburb. The “Bons Malades” (Vauban, 1685) and the Gates of Eich are visible here. They are noted for their pyramid roofing. Another interesting landmark is the Grand-Duchesse Charlotte Bridge.


The history of Luxembourg dates back to the time of the Roman Empire. But most historians agree that its origin was in 963 with the establishment of the Luxembourg Castle. The next five hundred years saw the rise of the House of Luxembourg. When the House of Luxembourg collapsed, the country fell under several rulers, most notably the Burgundians and the Habsburgs.

The aftermath of the Eighty Years’ War saw Luxembourg integrated into Southern Netherlands. The Treaty of Paris saw the country metamorphose into a Grand Duchy united with the Netherlands. Further treaties would reduce the country’s size but helped it attain independence.

However, the succeeding years saw the nation fall under German control. In World War I, Luxembourg was occupied by Germany. The occupation ended in 1918. The Germans occupied the country again in World War II from 1940 to 1944.

Since the end of the war, Luxembourg has become one of the wealthiest nations in the world. This can be attributed to political stability and a well developed financial services sector.


If you are going on a week long tour, expect to spend at the very least a few hunded dollars. You can book these tours on the Web.

Other Info

There are plenty of interesting locations in the country. These include the Holy Ghost Citadel, the Walls of the Corniche and the Chapel of Saint Quirin.

The Spanish Turret may not be the first place that visitors to Luxembourg think of going to. But it is actually one of the most interesting spots in the country.