Ssese Islands in Kalangala District – Uganda

Going to the Ssese Islands in Kalangala District can be the adventure of a lifetime. These are among the most exotic places in Uganda and have plenty of sights and activities for the visitor.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The islands are situated northwest of Lake Victoria. One way to get there is by taking the ferry servicing Bugala Island. One of them operates between Kalangala Bay and the Nakiwogo dock.

The ferry leaves Kalangala at eight in the morning. The trip takes three hours and a half. You can get to the site via a taxi. You can reach Bulago Island by a speedboat. Lake taxis (wooden boats) can be used to access the other islands.

What to See There

The Ssese Islands in Kalangala District each have their own unique features. Bugala Island boasts of some rugged terrains. From atop its hills, the views can be quite spectacular. The southern portion of the land is filled with place oil plantations. The swamps near Mulabana are a good place to watch for hippos. There is also a beach not far from Luku.


The islands are made up of 84 islands. The dimensions vary. The biggest is Bugala Island (40 km long). Others are less than 10,000 sq m. 43 of these islands are inhabited.

The islands are divided into two groups with the Koome Channel separating them. Bugula belongs to the southwest group. The other major islands are Serinya, Funve, Buyova, Bukasa, Bugaba, Bufumira and Bubeke. The major islands at the northeast are Luwaji, Koome and Damba.


The ferry ride costs Shs 10,000 per individual. The price is Shs 14,000 per person if you go first class. The tours on the islands are priced differently. It depends on how many islands you want to visit. The price will also be affected by the accommodations, amenities, transportation etc. All these have to be considered first.

Other Info

The islands are also well loved for the diverse wildlife. Different types of birds can be seen. There are also monkeys and some snakes. Those looking to chill out may go to Kalangala bay. It is a good place to have a drink and relax with your friends.

It is easy to get around the Ssese Islands in Kalangala District. You can rent bicycles in Kalangala Town. If you are at the Hornbill camp, you’ll be able to rent motorboats and kayaks.