St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom

Location and How to Get There

St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom was a one-time fishing town in England. It’s located on the southwestern region of the United Kingdom and is found west of Camborne. It’s a coastal town with the Celtic Sea being its main waterway. In 2007 this little town was awarded as the best seaside town.

There are several transportation options to get to St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom, which are rail, air, bus and coach, and hired car or taxi. Driving to this town will require two hour travel time. Your vehicle will have to get off M5 motorway after Exeter. From there you have to head west which means going across Devon after you get onto the A30.

Trains make stops to this town regularly at St. Erth on the London main line. The town center is just a short walk from the railway station. First Great Western operates the local services in town. Taking the St. Ives line will be the most scenic travel option to get to this town. Unfortunately, the town doesn’t have an airport of its own at the moment. The nearest airport is the Newquay Cornwall Airport, which is about 50 minutes away from down by car.

What to See

It is interesting how this little fishing town was transformed into a holiday destination. The shift was instigated by a decline in fishing thus the locals here had to find other means of sustenance. This commercial shift proved to be the best economic decision they have made.

The town of St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom is particularly renowned for their galleries and the resident artists that produce ingenious master works. A huge portion of the art produced in town come from modern non-figurative art. Various art exhibits are scheduled throughout the year along with talks and symposiums usually accompanied by live music. Visitors and tourists can go on art tours to see the best the town has to offer.

The other highlights of a visit to St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom are the beaches that nestle the entire area. The beaches are quite popular and would usually be crowded. They even hold a good enough a crowd during winter, which is evidence of how popular the beaches here are. The most popular beaches in St. Ives include Porthmeor, Porthgwidden, Harbour, and Porthminster.


The name of this town is derived from Ia of Cornwall, an Irish Saint. The town was primarily devoted to fishing during medieval times. Eventual modernization and development came when the railway made its way into town in 1877. After that came the generation of seaside holiday makers that changed the economy of the town into what it is today.


Traveling into town will only require regular transport costs. However, if you do take one of the art tours each participant will have to pay five pounds. Tours regularly start at 11:00 am. The cost of purchasing one of the artworks on display here will vary depending on the piece you’re willing to purchase.

Other Info

Since St. Ives Cornwall in England – United Kingdom is a popular holiday destination; there are a lot of cottages, hotels, and apartments that serve tourists and visitors. There are bed and breakfast places, parks, and camp sites that people can enjoy as well. Some travel agents can even whip up last minute offers.