Stari Grad Plain in Hvar Island – Croatia

The Stari Grad Plain in Croatia is an ancient landscape of great historical importance. It is one of many Croatian sites that are protected by UNESCO.


The plain is located on Hvar island at Dalmatia in Croatia.

What to See

The plain is an agricultural landscape. The plains are surrounded by stone walls which have been standing for over 24 centuries. There are also stone shelters on the plain. Apart from the water gathering system, there are also crops. In spite of the passage of time, the olives and grapes can and are still growing.

The land is separated into geometrical parcels (chora). The stone walls act as the boundaries. The sophisticated water system of the Stari Grad Plain in Croatia has cisterns and gutters. From the time it was set up to today, it remains a land of agricultural activity.


The area was first settled in around 3500 and 2500 BC by the Neolithic tribes. The early settlers engaged in trade with other settlers around the Mediterranean.

Several Illyrian remains such as pottery have been unearthed. The settlement was at the lower portion of the bay. Notable are the strongholds at the south and north hillsides.

Around 384 BC, the town was established by the Greeks via Paros island. The area was called Faros. Shortly thereafter, the plain would be established. In 219 BC, the Romans took control of the area. The first church to be constructed in the area took place in the 5th century. Other churches would soon be built along the site.


Budget tours will cost about 50 to 200 USD per individual. First class tours will cost at least 80 USD and go up to 350 USD. If you want luxury tours, the price range is between 200 to 650 USD per person. This does not include the airfare. The cost will also depend on what areas you are planning to see.

Other Info

Besides the plain, there is an old town that bears the same name. The town is situated at the northern end of Hvar. It is one of the oldest towns in Europe and well worth a look. Some of the other attractions are the Greek settlement, Roman villas and the Maslinovik tower at the plain.

The Stari Grad Plain in Croatia is not just a beautiful place to look at. It remains an outstanding example of how the Greeks cultivated the land for agriculture.