State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia

Saint Petersburg, dubbed as the “Venice of the North,” was home to tsars during its glory days. Today, it is a tourist hotspot.

The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia is by far the most popular tourist attraction in the city.


The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia is located at 2, Dvortsovaya Ploschland. Dvortsovaya Ploschland is otherwise known as Dvortsovaya Square.

Getting There

To reach State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia, you can take the Metro, trolley or bus. Metros are available at the Kanal Griboyedova Station, the Nevsky Prospekt Station and the Gostiny Dvor Station.

All of these stop at the Dvortsovaya Square.

For the trolley, you can take trolley numbers 1, 7, 10 or 11. These also stop at the Square.

If you will be taking the bus, you can take bus numbers 7, 10 or 24. Likewise, these stop at the Square.

What to See and Do

Visiting the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia will require about two to three hours of your time if you wish to see all the exhibits and visit the buildings housed within the complex.

The Main Museum Complex where you can view various exhibits consists of four buildings and occupies three hundred and sixty-five rooms: Winter Palace, Small Hermitage, Old Hermitage and New Hermitage.

There are two other buildings within the complex, Hermitage Theater and the Reserve House.

At the Winter Palace of Peter the Great, you can view the rooms including the study and dining area of the palace when it was still used as the official residence of Peter the Great.

Collections of the museum complex include Pre-Historic Art, Antiquities, Western European Art, Oriental Art, The Arsenal, Russian Culture, Numismatics, Treasure Gallery, the Menshikov Palace, and the Museum of the Imperial-Porcelain Factory.

There are about three million items on display within the museum complex. Paintings of famous artists such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Da Vinci are among the most prized items in the museum.

Brief History

The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia was established by Catherine the Great in the year 1764, making it as one of the oldest museums of its kind all over the world.

It was formally opened for public viewing in the year 1852 and it has remained opened since.

The museum likewise has a number of other exhibition hubs in other countries: the Hermitage-Vyborg Center, Hermitage-Kazan, and Hermitage-Amsterdam.


Entry fee to the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg – Russia Main Museum Complex is four hundred rubles. School-age children get free admission.

Every 1st Thursday of each month, admission is free to individual visitors.

For the Menshikov Palace, the Winter Palace and the Porcelain Museum entry fee is at sixty rubles for each museum.

Two hundred rubles will be charged for amateur video and photography.

Other Information

In the event that you were not able to use your ticket, you can return it to the Ticketing Office together with the receipt to get a full refund. The ticket should be returned on the day of purchase.