Ste Anne Marine National Park in Victoria – Seychelles

The Ste Anne Marine National Park is one of Seychelles’ biggest tourist attractions. Made up of many islands, it is a perfect place
to go sightseeing.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The national park is situated some 5 km of Victoria, Seychelles’ capital. The best way to reach the islands is by boat.

What to See There

Encompassing half a dozen islands, they are all in the district of Mont Fleuri. Ste. Anne Island spans an area of 2.19 sq km. It is known for its luxury resorts. Cerf Island measures 1.27 sq km and has three resorts.

There is also the Kapok Tree restaurant. Seabirds can be found along the coast of Ile Cachee. Round Island is being converted into a 5 star resort. It is set to finish sometime in 2011.

The islands at Ste Anne Marine National Park are also noted for the pristine sand on the beaches. Strolling along the island will bring you face to face with tortoises.

Plants of different varieties also abound. Scuba divers will find plenty of coral reefs and fish around the islands. Scientists estimate that there are no less than 900 species of fish in Seychelles.


The park was established in 1973 to preserve the wildlife and the forests. For this reason, water skiing and fishing are not allowed. The entire land area is 3.80 sq km. The entire marine park spans an area of 14.43 sq km. Ile Cachee measures about 4 hectares. While included in the district of Mont Fleuri, it isn’t part of the Marne Park.


Speedboat services cost $200 per person. Helicopter tour fees will start at $250 and up.

Other Info

Since the area was developed by the government, it has become a favorite among local and foreign tourists. Aside from beach and island hopping, the park is a great place to go snorkeling. You can also go on scuba diving excursions on glass-bottom boats.

For some Creole-restaurants, go check out Round and Cerf Islands. The park is also famous for its “sea grass meadows”. If you want to go snorkeling, try it at Moyenne Island’s reef edge. Round Island is another nice place to go swimming.

There are many tour operators that can take you to Ste Anne Marine National Park. The tours can range from budget types to the luxurious. The many different online tour providers should give you plenty of options. .