Stip – Macedonia

Stip – Macedonia provides the perfect holiday getaway for those looking to enjoy some of the country’s most remarkable landmarks as well as experience the Macedonian way of life, minus the usual influx of tourists.

Stip is not as crowded with tourists as compared to the country’s capital city of Skopje hence; a holiday here will be relatively quiet and relaxing.


Stip – Macedonia is located in the eastern parts of the country, at the intersection of three valleys: Lakavica, Ov?e and Ko?ani. It is approximately fifty-three kilometers off Macedonia’s capital city of Skopje.

Getting There

The easiest way to fly in is through the international airport located in Skopje. The airport is about fifty-three kilometers from the city centre of Stip – Macedonia.

From Skopje, you can either take a car hire service or bus to get to the Stip city centre.

If you wish to travel by train from Skopje, you first have to take a train going to Veles and then from Veles, transfer to another train; this time to go directly to Stip.

What to See and Do

Stip – Macedonia has many beautiful historical landmarks and churches that visitors can see. The Church of St. Bogorodica is a beautiful basilica adorned with frescos as well as wood carvings of religious icons.

Various art objects can also be seen within the basilica’s interiors.

Bezisten, which used to be an ancient Turkish market, is now home to several works of art by local artists. This is located within the city centre.

Within the City Square, you can also find a majestic statue of Alexander the Great, carved in his fighting form.

You can also visit a 17th century mosque called the Husa Medin-Pasha Mosque and the Church of St. John the Baptist built during the 1350s.

For a bit of relaxation, you can check out the Kežovica Spa whose thermal mineral waters are proven to be effective in relaxing and rejuvenating the body.

Brief History

Stip – Macedonia was under several foreign powers during the Middle Ages including the Bulgarian Empire, Byzantine Rule and Serbian Empire.

During World War II, allies of the Bulgarian forces once again gained control of the city but it was finally liberated on the 8th of November in the year 1944 by the Macedonian National Liberation Army.

November 8 is celebrated in the city as “Liberation Day.”

Today, Stip is considered as an important center for education, culture and economy for the cities surrounding Stip.

It is also the fashion center of the country as well as the textile center of Macedonia, with Stip being the largest producer of textile countrywide.


There are several hotels located within Stip – Macedonia. Accommodations generally range from 30 Euros for single occupancy, per night; 40 Euros for double occupancy, per night and 60 Euros for apartment-style accommodations per night.

Prices are usually inclusive of free breakfast and all government taxes.

Other Information

Nightclubs and pubs around Stip – Macedonia allow smoking and drinking for guests aged 18 years and above. Foreign guests are required to appear first before the local police once you arrive and prior to departing the city.