Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia

Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia provides a more quiet type of holiday as compared to the more tourist-crowded streets of Ohrid’s city center. The city however, is popular among both locals and tourists for its annual festivities, foremost of which is the Struga Poetry Evenings.


Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia lies in Western Macedonia, about fifteen kilometers off the city centre of Ohrid.

Getting There

Right from the city center of Ohrid, you can find buses going to Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia. Buses provide frequent trips to Struga so you won’t have a hard time getting one at any time of the day.

There are also taxi services available from Ohrid’s city center that you can take to Struga.

On the other hand, if you will be coming from Skopje or any other major city in the country, you will find that bus services going to Struga are not lacking.

What to See and Do

Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia offers visitors relaxing visits by the riverside where you can lounge and enjoy your favorite cold beverage while taking in the breathtaking view of the Drim River.

While the city has fewer historical landmarks and ancient houses as compared to Ohrid’s main tourist area; it still has a good number of sights that are worth a visit.

Among these sights is the Church of St. George which was built some time in the year 1835. The church’s icon of St. George is what actually makes this structure a popular tourist spot in the city as the icon was said to have been found in the lake and was believed to have been painted in the year 1267.

The icon is likewise believed to be miraculous.

For a good cup of coffee, you can visit the Old Bazaar where the streets are lined with various coffee shops plus a few scatterings of stores selling a wide variety of items.

For a look at an excellent example of the Ottoman architectural style, visit the Halveti Teke or Muslim Monastery. The monastery was founded by Hasan Baba during the start of the eighteenth century.

Brief History

Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia was formerly called Enchalon, which translates to “eel.” Fishing for eel in the Drim River during the olden days was very popular among the locals.

Struga has always been considered as an important trading center in the country and up until now, it still plays this very important role; a fact that is further emphasized by the lively markets that take place within the city where you can find a wide assortment of goods.


Accommodations around Struga in Ohrid – Macedonia cost about €39 for single occupancy of standard rooms per night; and €50 for double occupancy per night.

Rooms that can accommodate up to three persons usually cost around €110 per night while suites good for two persons cost around €150 per night.

Costs usually include free breakfast.

Other Information

The Struga Poetry Evenings festival takes place in August every year and has been so for the past forty years. The festival is held in honor of famous poet and folksong writer Konstantin Miladinov who wrote “Sorrow for the South” as homage to Struga while he was away studying in Moscow.