Sukhumi in Abkhazia – Georgia

Sukhumi in Abkhazia was well known during the days of the Soviet Union as a beach resort. In spite of the political and economic turmoil that engulfed it, majority of the city’s landmarks can still
be enjoyed.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

Anyone who is in Abkhazia will go through the city to obtain a visa from the Foreign Ministry. The most practical way of getting to Abkhazia is via Sochi, Russia. There are other means, but they can be difficult. Once in the city, the best way to see the place is by going on foot. Many of the bookstores sell quality maps.

What to See There

Sukhumi in Abkhazia is filled with several mountains, beaches and lakes. Its lush tropical climate has led to the appearance of numerous palm trees. Some of the major attractions are the ruins of the old buildings. These constitute some of the finest historical landmarks in the country.

The city is also famous for its myriad restaurants and eateries. Majority of them are designed for Caucasian dining. Some of the best eateries are along the Hotel Ritsa.

The whole territory is filled with natural wonders. Apart from its beaches, the territory is known for its lakes and caves. There are also churches dating from the medieval age scattered around the area.


Abkhazia’s war for independence against Georgia in 1992-93 caused terrible damage. But under international law, it is still recognized as a part of Georgia, albeit an autonomous one. Despite the blockade and embargo imposed by Georgia, the territory survived. Relying heavily on Russian support, the territory managed to recover. Today it focuses mainly on agriculture and tourism.


The costs can vary greatly. The currency is Russian Ruble (RUB) even though it is considered Georgian territory. Due to its situation (akin to Kosovo) the expenses can fluctuate anytime. If you are planning a trip there, it is best to consult a tour operator.

Other Info

The city has several hotels you can stay in. The Hotel Aytar is close to the Dendropark seaport. It has artificial lakes, trees and is notable for its pleasant atmosphere. Hotel Atrium Victoria is in the center of the city. It is known for the quay and the restaurants around it.

Before you leave Sukhumi in Abkhazia, make sure to try the different drinks along the city’s coast. One of the best drinks is Abkhaz brandy 5 years.