Sultan Masood Palace in Ghazni – Afghanistan

The Sultan Masood Palace is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Afghanistan. Of great historical importance, the place also has many interesting features.


The palace is in Ghazni. This is in central east of Afghanistan.

What to See

The palace was constructed in 112 AD, but it has been well preserved. Today visitors will be able to see numerous antique furnishings. One of the main features of the palace is the throne room. There are also government offices and the quarters of the soldiers.

The complex also has several small gardens. If you are going to visit the Sultan Masood Palace, it’s worth keeping in mind that it was the old court of Masud III. Ruled by the king from 1099 to 1114 A.D., it also has a beautiful mosque with pockets and minarets. There are other interesting sites in the area.


The history of the country is connected to the history of India. The written history of the country began in 500 BCE with the Achaemenid Empire. However, some archaeologists believe that there existed a civilization with a high degree of culture between 3000 and 2000 BCE.

In 300 BCE, Alexander the Great and his army came to the country of Afghanistan after vanquishing Persia. That is the reason why Afghanistan is the repository of several Hellenistic sites and treasures.

Through the years, many kingdoms ruled the nation. These included the Durranis, Hotakis, Mughals, Timurids, Kartids and Ghurids. The land was also ruled by the Samanids, Kabul Shahi and the Greco-Bactrians.

The Timurids, Ghurids and Ghaznavids helped transform the country into a power during the medieval age. Mirwais Hotak and Ahmad Shah Durrani unified the tribes and established the Afghan Empire in the 18th century.


A week long tour of the country will cost around 1600 USD. This will include food, a guide and entrance fees to the sites included in the itinerary. There are several tour packages available, and you should compare the prices first. This is the only way to ensure you get the best package possible.

Other Info

Ghazni has several tourist attractions. These include the Citadel, the minarets and the Mausoleum of Sultan Mahmood. Also worth visiting is the Museum of Islamic Art, the Tapa Sardar Stupa mound and many more.

The Sultan Masood Palace is a beautiful complex, and this gives you a chance to appreciate the history of the country. For this reason, many tourists stop by this site.