Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland

Travelers visiting Helsinki, especially first-time visitors, should not miss out on what was tagged as the “Gibraltar of the North,” Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland.


Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland covers 6 islands which are now all part of the city: Kustaanmieka, Susisaari, Iso-Mustasaari, Pikku-Mustasaari, Länsi-Mustasaari plus Långören.

Getting There

The only way to get to Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland is via a ferry ride. The Helsinki City Transport provides regular ferry trips into the island, year-round. You can get the ferry ride from the Market Square in Helsinki.

During summer, there are other ferry operators that have regular runs into the island as well.

What to See and Do

Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland offers guests with a wide variety of things to do and sights to explore. First off, there are museums that you can check out to give you a brief overview of the fortress’ history.

The Suomenlinna Museum exhibits various relics such as tools and weapons that tell a bit about the military history of the fortress. There is also a film showing on how fortress was built.

If you are visiting with kids, there is also a Toy Museum where kids can see thousands of different toys that date as far back as the 1800s.

The fortress itself is already a sight worth the trip. The King’s Gate symbolizes Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland. It was constructed between the years 1753-54 for the purpose of providing an entryway into the fortress.

There are many other sights to explore: the Great Courtyard, the Jetty Barracks, the Prison Camp Memorial and the Suomenlinna Church; among others.

Brief History

The Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland is a sea fortress that has about under a thousand inhabitants. It was constructed some time in the year 1748 for the purpose of protecting the islands it encompasses from further Russian “expansionism.”

It was formerly known as Sveaborg which translates to “Fortress of Svea” before it was renamed Suomenlinna which means “Castle of Finland” in the year 1918.

When it was decided that the fortress was no longer a feasible idea for military headquarters, management of the complex was transferred to a civilian administration. This was some time in the year 1973.

Today, it serves as one of the more popular tourist hotspots in the city, visited by almost a million travelers every year.


Entry into Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland is free of charge. You will however, be charged for visiting the museums. Entry to Suomenlinna Museum is 5 Euros per adult and 4 Euros per student. Children under 18 years of age get free admission.

For the Toy Museum, entry is 5 Euros for adults and 3 Euros for kids under 18 years of age; while entry to the Military Museum is 5 Euros for adults and 3 Euros for kids from 7 up to 17 years old and students.

Other Information

There are restaurants and coffee shops around Suomenlinna in Helsinki – Finland, a grocery, library and accommodations are also available for those wishing to spend a night or two here.