Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland

Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland is the only national park in the country. It has eighty kilometers of trails that visitors can trek down on to visit the various parts of the park.


The Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland is located in the canton of Graubünden, along the easternmost section of the country.

Getting There

The management of the Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland advises visitors to use the country’s public transport system to reach the park to reduce pollution from car emissions.

You can reach the park via train or bus service. There are trains and buses available from various parts of the country that go up to the postal service stop upon which you take the postal service or coach to reach the park’s entrance.

What to See and Do

The Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland has about twenty-one various trails of varying difficulty levels which means that anyone can easily visit the park through any of these trails based on your skill level in terms of trekking and hiking.

The trails vary: from easy to medium to difficult; and these can have an altitude of 500 meters above sea level up to 1,000 meters above sea level.

There is also a museum that you can visit within the premises of the park called the Schmelzra Museum and this has a Mining Exhibition and a Bear Exhibition.

The Bear Exhibition is particularly interesting to kids as they will learn how bears live plus their biological makes and the various ways upon which bears were preyed upon by humans.

The Mining Exhibition on the other hand, allows visitors to learn how mining was done back in the olden days. More importantly however, visitors learn about the negative effects of mining on the environment.

Brief History

The Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland was founded on August 1, 1914 and was established to protect the surrounding forest and mountains from heavy the industrialization taking place in the country at that time.

The park covers an area of about one hundred and seventy-two square kilometers at an elevation of between one thousand four hundred meters up to three thousand one hundred and seventy-three meters above sea level.

It has eighty kilometers of various trails. The park is one-thirds alpine forest, one-thirds alpine meadows and one-thirds rock.


There is no entry fee to gain access to the Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland and its trails. There is however, a fee to visit the museum and view the exhibits.

Adults are charged 5 Swiss francs while children are charged 3 Swiss francs. For groups of ten or more, each person is charged 4 Swiss francs.

Other Information

Swiss National Park in Graubünden – Switzerland has specific rules and regulations for visitors to keep the park clean and protect the flora and fauna found here.

Visitors are not allowed to venture off the marked paths; littering is strictly prohibited; dogs or any other pets are not allowed inside the park’s premises; bathing in the various water forms surrounding the park is also strictly prohibited and camp fires are not allowed as well.