Taipei 101 – Taiwan

The Taipei 101 in Taiwan is one of the most recognizable landmarks not just in the country, but the world. At 509.2 meters (1,671 ft), it is the second highest building in the world.


The building is situated at the Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan.

What to See

The building has fiber-optic and satellite Internet connections for high speed web access. There are double-deck elevators with speeds of 16.83 m (55.22 ft) per second (60.6 km/h, 37.7 mi/h). There is also a 660 metric ton (728 short ton) tuned mass damper used to keep the building from being shaken by the wind. On the 85th floor are a couple of restaurants.

There is also a multi-level shopping mall that adjoins the edifice. The restaurants, stores and shops are located here. Taipei 101 in Taiwan also houses many works of art including Robert Indiana’s Love and Rebeca Horn’s Dialogue between Yin and Yang.

The outdoor observatory is at the 91st floor and the indoor observatory is at the 89th floor. The indoor observatory is 383.4 m (1,258 ft) above ground. The outdoor observatory is a couple of stairs up. The outdoor observatory is the highest in the country.


On January 13, 1998, the ground breaking ceremony for the site took place and the first column tower was set up at June 7, 2000. The initial plan was to build a 66 story building. However, the planners incorporated new elements into the building.

In 2001, a license was given so it could be changed into a 101 story building. The roof of the building was finished on July 1, 2003. The building was formally opened on New Year’s Eve 2004. Selected visitors were given the chance to ride the elevators.

Soon after, a fireworks show was held. Over the years, events and exhibits have taken place there regularly. It is the site of fireworks displays during the New Year.


There is a fee of NT$ 400 to enter the observation decks.

Other Info

The 509.2 m (1,670.6 ft) height is with the antenna spire. With the roof the height is 449.2 m (1,473.8 ft). The top floor is 439.2 m (1,440.9 ft). The edifice has 101 floors (plus 5 basement floors). There are 81 elevators.

The Taipei 101 in Taiwan has several tenants. These include ABN AMRO Bank at the first floor, Google Taiwan at the 73rd floor and ING Antai. Other tenants include the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation, Starbucks Coffee and L’Oreal.