Tambacounda – Senegal

The tourist attractions in Tambacounda will delight tourists who are looking for adventure and fun. From natural wonders to historical monuments, there is bound to be something here for the visitor to enjoy.


The city is situated in the region of Tambacounda. This is at southeastern Senegal. The city can be reached from various points across Senegal.

What to See

By far the biggest tourist draw is the Niokolo-Koba National Park. Some of the wildlife you will see are the 38 species of reptiles, 60 fish species and over 20 types of amphibians. There are also four types of tortoises in the park. Overall, there are 80 types of mammals in the park.

There is no doubt that some of the biggest tourist attractions in Tambacounda are the wildlife. There are over 3000 waterbuck, 150 chimpanzees, 120 lions and 50 elephants. There are also 6000 hippopotamus and 11,000 buffaloes.

The park and the city are also known for the woodland savannah. Over at the park you will see more than 1500 plant species. There are also wetlands and semi-arid Soudanese forest.


At the onset of the French colonization, the town and the surrounding area became trading centers. The introduction of railways led to grain cultivation of cotton and grain. The town would go on to become a vital transport center. Several important buildings were built, many of which remain standing.

The weather in the city is typical of countries in West Africa. The dry season begins on November and goes on until May. From June to October, the rainy season commences.

The west season is characterized by storms, humidity and heat. Today, the city is also known for agriculture. Cotton is also now being processed in the city and the areas around it.


Tours and holiday trips to Senegal have different costs. A 10 day safari will cost at least 1200 USD. A tour of Senegal and Mali will cost at least 2000 USD. The airfare will also vary depending on where you are coming from.

Other Info

The city is also known for its Iron framed rail station. Other interesting historical monuments are the colonial Prefecture building and the Hotel de la Gare. These have been included in the country’s list of the Monuments historiques.

If you are interested in checking out the tourist attractions in Tambacounda, do not forget to check out its djembe and dance culture. The local music is also worth listening to.