Tara Mountain – Serbia

Tara mountain tours are among the most popular activities for tourists visiting Serbia. The beauty of the mountains and the park around it has turned the place into one of the most interesting sites in Europe.


The mountain is located in the western part of Serbia. It is a component of the Dinaric Alps. Part of the mountain is included in the park. You can get to the park via Bajina Basta. You can also get there via the Kremna – Kaludjerske Bare road.

What to See

There are several gorges in the park, the most noteworthy being Drina Gorge. It has drops ranging from 1000-250 meters. The place is also notable for its vista points, pits and springs. Nearly three quarters of the park is made up of forests.

Tara mountain tours will also give you the chance to see the Picea omorika or Serbian Spruce. This species is being protected in the park. Other animals in the park are the wolves, otters, lynxes and roe deer. You will also see some chamois and brown bears too.


The mountain is 1,000-1,500 meters above sea level. Thick forests can be seen at the slopes of the mountain. Through the years, numerous meadows and high altitude clearings have appeared around it. The Drina River nearby has produced deep ravines and steep cliffs.

Research and exploration have also unearthed the presence of limestone caves. At 1581 meters, Kozji rid is the highest peak. This is located at the mountains western edge. Next to it is the Zboriste peak at 1544 m.

The first Serbian state however, was created in the 9th century. By the middle of the 14th century, the state had become an empire, annexing most of the Balkans.


Tours around the mountain will cost about 300 Euros person. This will include a guide and some amenities (amenities will vary per tour provider). A 7 or 8 day tour around the area will cost at least 750 Euros per person.

Other Info

The park also has 100 species of birds. Many are permanent here, and several migratory birds stopover here too. Some of the species you will come across are the black grouse, Eurasian eagle owl, peregrine falcon and griffin vulture. The golden eagle is also seen in the area.

Tara mountain tours may also take you to Mitrovac, a center for children. In response to the tourism boom, several facilities have been set up, including Hotel Omorika and Hotel Beli Bor.