The Akakus Mountains – Libya

A trip to the Akakus Mountains isn’t something tourists to Libya often do. While it is not as popular as the other destinations, the journey is actually worth the effort.

How to Get There

The mountains are located east of Ghat City in Libya. It extends 100 km north of the Algerian border. The easiest way to get there is to begin at Tripoli. A bus, 4WD or lorry will bring you to Ghat. It is a long ride, but you can have a stopover at Sebha.

What to See

When you get to the place, arrange to have a tour using the jeep or 4WD. It is difficult to get around on foot.

The site is well known for its prehistoric rock art. A trip to the Akakus Mountains will show that it is made of rugged rock formations and yellow desert. There are also several sand dunes in the area.

The vastness and desolation will really make you feel like a true-blue explorer. The place isn’t frequented by tourists, so you can explore the land at your leisure.

Unlike other tourist spots, there are no bustling crowds. There are no birds and little wind. It is utterly quiet. Travelling across the rugged rock parts, you will come across ravines, isolated rocks, gorges, and arches.

Some of the more outstanding features are the Tin Khlega and Afzejare arches. Some areas have vegetation as well as some springs. One of the vegetation types you will find here is the Calotropis procera.

Travelling across the mountains, you will also see a few wells. The presence of vegetation is striking because it is one of the most arid portions of the Sahara Desert.


Much of what is known of the place comes from the rock art and carvings. These artworks were created from 12,000 BC to 100 AD. Some of the carvings show camels, ostriches and elephants. Some of the artwork shows people making music.


Entry into the Akakus region cost about $8 per person. If you hire a 4WD, expect to pay $17. For a lorry, the price is $20 at least.

Before going on a trip to the Akakus Mountains, it’s best to go around Ghat and find a local guide. Unless you have a tour provider, it will be very difficult to drive around the desert dunes. If you see a military checkpoint, it means you have reached the Algerian border.