The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range – Korea

If you love the mountains, there is one particular tourist spot in Korea where you can enjoy an amazing range — The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range.

Location and How to Get There

The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range runs through a good length of the Korean peninsula. It is a continuous ridge-line that tracks the Janggun Peak of Mount Baekdu-san through Jiri-san. We are talking about some 1,400 to 1,500 kilometers of length here. The 735 kilometers of crest trail is accessible through South Korea. A good part of it is suitable for hiking. A lot of The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range’s major peaks are, on the other hand, quite accessible from North Korea.

Since we are talking about Korea, you cannot travel around here without the company of a tour guide. For some, that means a good sum of money but for others, that means convenience and comfort to get where you want to be. You do not have to mind how you can get to The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range because your travel guide will take care of that part.

What to See There

The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range is famous among a good part of the hiking population because of its awe-inspiring scenery. The look from above, from along the trail is always breath taking. You would not get short of picturesque views while you are traversing through this wonderful range.

Another thing that attracts people to The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range is its cultural landscape. It is quite enriching to discover that there is a place in Korea or in the world for that matter where folk religion actually co-existed. Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism all come as a solid ground for exploration among local and foreign tourists.


The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range has a rich, long history that comes along its long and beautiful trail. In fact, it is considered as the spine of the Korean Peninsula, literally and figuratively. It was also depicted in several historic artworks. Discovering the mountain’s past, however, is best done by traversing through the ridge-line.


There is no word about the cost for enjoying a Baekdudaegan trail. You may check out with your travel agency, however, to inquire how much this kind of enriching discovery could actually cost.

One thing is for sure. No matter what you need to pay to see the beauty and ingenuity wrapped within this wonderful mountain is worth it. That’s how other travelers who have been there done that see things.

Other Info

Being able to cover and walk along the entire trails of The Baekdudaegan Mountain Range is a mountaineer’s dream.