The Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium

A beguinage is a cluster of small houses typically within a courtyard where Roman Catholic religious lay people resided. There are several beguinages located in Belgium and the Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium is considered as among the most important of these.


The Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium is located at Wijnstraardstraatr across the canal bridge off the northern parts of Minnewater.

Getting There

When you get to Bruges, you can easily walk around the city as the main sights are just a few minutes off the bus station. The bridge over the canal is located within close distance to a number of hotels and getting to the Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium is just a short walk away.

You can likewise get a bike rental to get around the city and visit the convent. While there are buses that depart from the station approximately every ten minutes, you will find that city provides for a pleasant stroll.

What to See and Do

For the most part, visitors who come to see the Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium specifically visit to enjoy the serenity of the place.

Once you cross over the canal bridge and step through the gates of the beguinage, you will instantly feel as if you have stepped into another world – away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

The tranquil scenery, set against beautiful gardens and charming small dwellings make for a relaxing breather from the tourist – crowded streets of the city center.

There is a small chapel within the grounds of the beguinage and there are Mass services here.

There is also a house that has been converted into a museum. The exhibits will tell you more about the Beguines and the beguinage.

Brief History

The Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium was established by the Countess of Flanders in the year 1245.

You will see that the gate of the beguinage has the date 1776 inscribed on it although most of the small houses within the premises date as far back as the 17th century as well as the 18th century.

You can also see a good number of these houses designed in the Neo – Gothic architectural pattern. There is a main house within the beguinage which is the largest of all the houses and this is where the Grand Dame lived.

The Grand Dame reigned over her particular beguinage.

The chapel that stands today is not the original one as it was destroyed in a fire in the year 1584. The chapel was rebuilt in the year 1609 and then renovated in later years.


There is no cost to enter the gates of the Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium. However, a small fee is required to enter the museum: 2 Euros per adult, 1 Euro for kids and 1.50 Euros for guests 65 years of age and above.

Other Information

The Beguinage in Bruges – Belgium is open from 10 in the morning up to 5 in the afternoon; from Monday to Saturday and 2:30 up to 5 in the afternoon on Sundays.