The Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg – Germany

The Black Forest tours are very popular in Germany. An area known for its myths and legends, it is also one of the most scenic.


The forest is located at the southwest part of the country. To be more specific, it is at the Baden-Württemberg federal state. The nearest airports are Frankfurt, Zurich (Switzerland) and Stuttgart. When you land, take a car to the site. A better option is to take the train. The views are excellent.

What to See


The place is best known for its black fir trees. A trip to the forest also offers great views of the mountains. The mountains are also a great place to go biking or hiking. Skiing enthusiasts will enjoy the resorts nearby.

The Black Forest tours of the area will also bring you up close with its cuckoo clocks, skiing and watchmaking industries. Not to be missed is the Titisee lake. From there you can check out Lake Constance.

Other activities you can do in the area are paragliding, snowboarding and visiting a mine from the Middle Ages. The forest also has several restaurants. The best are at Baiersbronn village.


The forest is composed of sandstone set over granite and gneiss cores. During the Middle Ages, rifting led to the formation of the Rhine graben. At the final glacial period, evidence shows that glaciers covered the forest.

Today there are rivers at the forest. These include the Neckar, Murg, and Danube. The Danube River actually commences at the forest. The tallest mountain in the area is Feldberg at 1,493 m or 4,898 ft.

Other mountains in the area are Herzogenhorn, Belchen and Spiesshorn. Other mountains are Schauinsland, Kandel, Hochblauen and Hornisgrinde. The forest is now made up of firs and pines. There are also several foothpaths here.


The cost of the tours vary. A single person tour may cost 535 Euros. This will include route plans, maps and a guide. Before selecting a package, compare the contents. Is the price worth all the amenities?

Other Info

Not far from the forest area is Freiburg city, said to be the driest and warmest city in the country. You can also take a cruise at the majestic Schwarzwaldhochstrabe at the forest. The Mummelsee lake is also worth checking out.

The Black Forest tours may also include a visit to the Deutsches Uhrenmuseum. This is by the Schwarzwaldhochstrabe. You can also go snowboarding here during December.