The Blue Corner – Palau

Palau is a haven for those who love scuba diving. Diving sites are all over the group of islands that are located in the Micronesia area of Oceania. The Blue Corner, however, is the most popular diving spot in all of Palau; it is know all over the world. It is popular among both locals and foreign tourists.

Location and How to Get There

The Blue Corner is at the southwest reefs of Palau. It is at the northwest bottom of Ngemelis Island, about 46 kilometers away from the city of Koror. It can be reached via a speedboat, which will have to travel around 50 up to 70 minutes from the main island.

What to See There

The Blue Corner offers a unique and pretty exciting diving experience. A lot of tourists come back over and over because they are introduced to a whole new experience every single dive.

There are many things that you can see beneath the waters of The Blue Corner. You can see large schools of barracuda, hundreds of different fish species and other sea creatures. Turtles, Napoleon wrass, manta rays, jacks and eagle rays are also common.

But the most exciting part when exploring The Blue Corner is definitely the number of different species of sharks that you may have a close encounter with. If you only remain still once you are settled and effortlessly floating with the currents, you will see gray reefs sharks and white tip sharks coming close by.


The Blue Corner has long been the center of tourism in Palau. The wonderful underwater existence of many different species of fish and other creatures make it a nice place to dive and go sightseeing.


Diving in The Blue Corner is usually included in a Palau travel package. For a two-tank dive, you usually need to pay around $150 including your boat ride to get to the island. Aside from that, you will have to allot some money for your accommodation. It is easy to choose between budget and luxurious accommodation because not only are they available all over Palau but also most of them offers a diving trip to The Blue Corner. The diving spot is mostly accessible from all the hotels in about an hour or so.

Other Info

There are many other interesting diving sites in Palau including The German Channel, the Blue Holes, and the Ulong Channel. They all have wonderful water world underneath the sea surface as much as The Blue Corner has.