The Bradenburg Gate in Berlin – Germany

The Bradenburg Gate in Berlin will not be considered the national symbol of Germany for nothing. It being a top tourist destination is quite understandable.

Location and How to Get There

Berlin is the country capital. So it is quite expected that getting to its main tourist destination is as easy as counting 1-2-3. There are efficient transport options available getting in, out, and around Berlin. You would not find it difficult to find your way towards Bradenburg Gate.

On top of that, the symbolic gate is a former city gate situated in the west side of downtown Berlin in the junction of Ebertstrabe and Unter den Linden. It is the only remaining gate from a series of gates through which the city was entered.

What to See There

Bradenburg Gate is a spectacular sight on its own. Its age-old architecture exudes classic elegance, which is probably why it has not diminished in being one of Europe’s most distinguished landmarks.

The gate’s design was based upon a gateway to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Surprisingly, it is consistent with Berlin’s classic architecture from Baroque to Neo-Palladian.

Through the years, the Bradenburg Gate was preserved since it was completed some centuries ago. That is one of the most spectacular things about this destination, which is definitely a must-see.


The Bradenburg Gate was contructed in 1700s. It is not part of the old fortifications but it is paart of the 18 gates that are within the fiscal excise wall.

The gate consists of six Doric columns on each side, which forms five passageways. Not all five passageways were accessible to the public. The people of Berlin as well as local and foreign tourists are only allowed to pass through the outermost two.

Although it went through several historical moments, the Bradenburg Gate didn’t change a bit in appearance. It has remained the majestic passageway that people of Berlin and the whole of Germany look up to.


There is no fee required to be able to see the Bradenburg Gate. The only thing you need to spend some money on is your transportation, getting there. Not to worry because the fee is not that expensive, especially if you choose to travel by efficient public transportation. If you choose comfort over savings, you can easily hire a private car, which will bring you not just to the Bradenburg Gate but also to other amazing Berlin destinations.

Other Info

The Bradenburg Gate can be explored via a hop-on hop-off tour offered by many travel agencies in Berlin. Aside from the famous national monument, you will also get to see the Jewish Museum, Alexanderplatz, and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum among others.