The Cairo Museum – Egypt

The Cairo Museum in Egypt is the main repository of Egyptian relics and artifacts. There are over 110,000 items in the museum.

How to Get There

The museum is located in the center of Cairo, right on Tahrir Square. The site is well known by the local residents and drivers. You can take almost any taxi in the city and ask to be taken there. If you availed of a travel package tour, the service will provide the transportation and take you to the museum.

What to See

The Royal Mummy Room has 27 mummies dating from the time of the pharaohs. The museum has two major floors. At the entrance is a copy of the famous Rosetta Stone. The first one contains coins and papyrus that were used in Ancient Egypt. There are also ancient writings in Arabic, Greek and Latin.

There are also coins of gold, bronze and silver displayed. Relics dating from the 1550 to 1068 BC are also in the Cairo Museum in Egypt. These items include coffins, tables, statues and other items.

Other artifacts include antiquities from the following pharaohs: Hatshepsut, Amenophis II, Thutmosis IV and Thutmosis III. Items from the 1st Dynasty to the Late Period are all featured in the first

The treasures of Tutankhamun are found on the second floor. Some of the artifacts you will see are the decorated chest, necklaces, flasks and alabaster vases. There are also gold bracelets as well as the famous Gold Mask.

The mummies of several well known pharaohs are kept there. The remains of Pharaoh Ramses III is in the museum.


The original museum was constructed in 1835 close to the Ezbekeyah Garden. In 1958, the edifice was moved to Boulaq 23 years later. The museum was expanded to accommodate the new features. A French architect was hired to design the structure.

Flooding of the Nile River damaged the edifice in 1878. The relics were moved to a new museum in Giza. In 1902, the artifacts were transferred to their present location.


The entrance fee to Cairo Museum in Egypt is 60.00 L.E. (10.39 USD). To see the Royal Mummies, you have to pay a fee of 100.00 L.E. (17.31 USD). Cameras are not allowed inside the museum.

There is a special section at the entrance where you can temporarily place your cameras. In the past, cameras were permitted. You may want to contact your travel tour guide to be sure.