The Chillon Castle in Veytaux – Switzerland

The Chillon Castle in Veytaux, Switzerland is one of the most well-preserved medieval castle that are still standing at present time. As such, it draws a huge traffic of tourists all year through.

Location and How to Get There

The Chillon Castle is tucked neatly on a tiny island in the community of Veytaux at the southern part of Montreux town. It is about three kilometers away from the town proper but is definitely worth a visit what with its natural allure combine with its medieval appeal.

There is a bus stop nearby the Chillon Castle. That should tell you that getting there via public transport is not a problem, not a problem at all.

What to See There

The majestic Chillon Castle is a water castle standing tall in Lake Geneva. Its location alone is a wonderful sight on its own.

Add to that is the fact that the Chillon Castle consists of about a hundred castles connected together to form the building that many exploring tourist know now.

More than 300,000 visitors come to see the majesty and luxury that the castle imbues and there is no reason you should not do the same.

There are so many amazing things to note about the Chillon Castle. There is the view of 14th Century paintings put up on the wall; the bedrooms that were preserved in its original form from since the time they were used during the Bernese rule; and the overall architecture that speaks of medieval elegance like no other. It is also worth taking the trip to the courtyard, which will give you a nice view of the snowy mountains, the spectacular flower garden, and of course, Lake Geneva!


The Chillon Castle has been standing tall beautifully for thousands of years. It has served the Counts of Savoy from the 12th Century up to the 16th Century. After that, the inhabitants of Bern took over the castle until the inhabitants of Vaud triumphed over them.

The Chillon Castle’s popularity took flight during early 1800s when Lord Byron wrote the poem The Prisoner of Chillon. It was about Genevois monk Francois de Bonivard, who was imprisoned at the castle for six years.

Today, the Chillon Castle serves mainly as a tourist attraction. In fact, it is the most visited historicl monument in all of Switzerland.


Entering the Chillon Castle comes with a price. If you want to explore the majestic castle thoroughly, you may avail of guided tours, which will naturally cost a little higher.

Other Info

The castle has four great halls, a couple of bedrooms, and three courtyards available for exploration.