The Cordilleras and Huaraz – Peru

Huaraz in the Cordilleras is one of the most notable towns in the Blanca region. Everything from natural landscapes to man made marvels can be found in the area.


The town and the Cordillera Blanca are located at the Central Sierra area in Peru. By coach, the town is 8 hours away from Lima. Some of the most popular services are CIAL, Cruz del Sur and Movil Tours. Once you are in town, you can get around via taxi.

What to See

The Museo Regional de Ancash is a repository of stone sculptures. Here you will get insights about the cultures that thrived in the Cordilleras. There you will see metal works, skulls and pottery. The Puya Raimondi are the largest pineapple plants on the planet. These amazing plants flourish at a height of nearly 5,000 m.

Huaraz in the Cordilleras also serves as the departure point for the Chavin de Huantar. Before you get there, you may want to check out the museums in town with several Chavin artifacts.

Also worth checking out is the Wari ruin of Wilcawain. This complex has been dated back to 600 AD. You can also check out the different hotels and lodging places in the city. There are even cafes and bars. You can also visit the squares and parks in the area.


One of the largest mountain ranges on the planet, the Blanca is 100 km off the Pacific coast. There are several peaks and trails here. In 1975, the National Park of Huascaran was set up. This would go on to preserve the flora and fauna in the area.

The town of Huaraz suffered during the 1970 earthquake but it was rebuilt. Today the town has many restaurants, banks and Wi Fi Internet access. There are even nightclubs in the area.


The bus fares cost US$7. The more high end buses will cost double that, but you will be traveling in comfort.

Other Info

Trekking is a popular activity in the region. The House of Guides (Casa de GuĂ­as) has some guides that can accompany you on the trails. One of the better known ones is the Santa Cruz trek. The whole trek will take four days. The trek is 15,617 feet (4760 m), but the vistas are brilliant.

An hour from Huaraz in the Cordilleras is the Vicos. Staying at this rural community will give you the chance to experience life with the natives. There are also hiking trails nearby.