The Dead Sea – Jordan

The Dead Sea in Jordan is one of the saltiest waters in the world, and is very difficult to sink in. This fact, along with the many attractions in the area has made it one of the biggest tourist draws in the Middle East.


This body of water is on the borders of Jordan, the West Bank and Israel. About 25 km of its coastline is inside the territory of the Palestinian Authority. If you are coming in from Israel, you can use Highway 1 and Highway 90 by way of the West Bank from Jerusalem.

You can also ride a taxi to the site. From Jordan, you can reach the Sea from Aqaba or Amman. There are also many taxis that can take you there.

What to See

The most popular activity in the Dead Sea in Jordan is getting into the water and floating. People like to have their photos taken floating on the water while reading a book. However you should only try floating on your back.

If you are at the Israel / West Bank side, you can also visit the Masada National Park and see the mountaintop fortress. There is also the Masada Sound and Light Show, Ein Gedi Oasis and Kibbutz and the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve.


The reason you float in the waters is due to the hypersalination. In terms of saltiness, it has the second highest level in the world. The salt in the water makes it unsuitable for marine life, hence the name.

The major source is the Jordan River. The north sector only gets about 4 inches of rain annually. The southern area gets even less, at two inches. Due to the evaporation rate, the Sea is slowly shrinking.


The taxi ride from Jordan to the Sea costs 20 JD for the entire day. The taxis from downtown cost more, about 35 JD. Some buses can take you to Amman Beach from Rame for 4 JD.

Other Info

If you are at Jordan, you can check out Mount Nebo, the historic town of Madaba and the baptism site of Jesus. This is 10 minutes away from the Sea. There is a fee of 7 JD per individual who wishes to go there.

You can learn more about the Dead Sea in Jordan from the museum named after it. It is near the Madaba and can be reached by car. It has geological and historical information about the area.