The Frisian Islands – Germany

Located at the eastern region of Europe’s North Sea, the Frisian Islands popularly called the Wadden Sea Islands, stretches from Denmark to Germany and to the northwest part of the Netherlands. To get to this tourist destination, visitors can ride in an international flight to Hamburg Airport. Afterwards, they need to ensure a connecting trip that will take them to Sylt Airport where they can rent a car or cab to reach the islands.

Various activities can be done at the Frisian Islands-Germany such as tidal flat walking, birds and seal watching as well as cycling. Tourists who visit the area have the chance to enjoy the scenery in the site by strolling on the seabed with professional guides during the time of the day when the tide is low. Aside from this, they can also admire and view the Wadden Sea wildlife like the birds and seal in their natural habitats. For those who are interested to explore the different parts of the place, they can enjoy its rolling landscape while riding in their bicycles. This activity is safe even for inexperienced cyclists because it has no hills and dangerous slopes.

In terms of accommodations, families can save money if they will stay in vacation houses and cottages in the islands. When it comes to dining, the place is a home to attractive bars and restaurants that offer international and local dishes. Above all, the islands have shopping places where tourists can purchase souvenir items and jewelries.

According to the history of the place, the islands were formed after the ice age from piled up sediments, which were carried by the breaking waves of the North Sea. Through time the Frisian Islands-Germany were divided into different islands including Borkum, Baltrum and Norderney. Most of the areas are protected nature reserves since it is one of the UNESCO World Heritage spots. To ensure that the areas will be safe from harmful economic activities, environmental agencies from the Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands regularly coordinate with each other.

To have a hassle-free visit to this site, travelers can contact agencies that offer vacation packages at low price. Depending on their location, they need to allocate around 2,000 U.S. dollars for a round trip to the islands. In addition to these, it is best to save 100 to 200 U.S. dollars a night for accommodations. It will also be cost efficient if they will book at hotels that offer accommodation packages with meals. To avoid having problems, tourists are recommended to book their trip to the Frisian Islands-Germany several months in advance.