The Giza Pyramids – Egypt

The only one of the original Seven Wonders to survive, the Great Pyramids of Egypt are among the most famous structures ever built. The pyramids are in Giza, close to the Nile River’s west bank.

How to Get There

The structures are on the Giza plateau’s northern portion. From Cairo, take a bus going to Giza. The best routes are 355/357. You will see the buses arrive every twenty minutes from Heliopolis and the airport. You can find the buses at the Menem Riyad Station in Midan Tahrir. This is close to the Egyptian Museum.

There are two types of taxi services; black and white and yellow. Go for the yellow taxis. They are air conditioned and metered. Be prepared to haggle for the price.

You can also take the Metro Line 2 service. When you get to the Giza station, get off the Metro Line. Travel 10 km south by an avenue the Metro Line will cross before you drop off. You can take any of the green 997 or 900 buses. They will bring you to the Giza Plateau.

What to See

Besides the Great Pyramids of Egypt, you can also visit the Solar Barque Museum. It is just to the south of the Pyramid of Khufu (the Great Pyramid). The Museum has a solar boat. You can go inside the pyramids too. You can look at the passageways and interior walls. There is also the Great Sphinx.


There are many pyramids in the area, but the three most well know are the Cheops/Khufu Pyramid, the Chephren/Khafre Pyramid and the Pyramid of Mycerinus /Menkaure. The Cheops Pyramid is the largest. It is 137 m (449 ft) tall. Originally it was 146 m (479 ft).

The Khafre Pyramid is a bit smaller, but its placement makes it appear almost equal in height to Cheops’ Pyramid. The Menkaure Pyramid is 62 m (203 ft) tall. It is the smallest.

Khufu is believed to have built the pyramid in 2560 BC. Archaeologists believe all these structures are meant to house the pharaohs’ remains. Khufu’s pyramid may have taken 20 years to build.


The Solar Barque Museum has an entrance fee of LE 40. The Pyramids Sound and Light Show costs LE 60. Private shows will cost LE 300 and up.

Riding the camels for a close up view of the Great Pyramids of Egypt cost $65 per person. On the average, expect to spend $100 per day for the trip.