The Grand Canal in Venice – Italy

The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy is an important water-traffic corridor. It is also a top tourist destination.

Location and How to Get There

The Grand Canal is an S-shaped waterway, which leads to the Saint Mark Basin on one end and into the lagoon in the Santa Lucia Railway Station on another end. It is about 3,800 meters long, 30 to 90 meters wide, and about five meters deep.

What to See There

Basically, cruising through The Grand Canal is a favorite activity among tourists. It is how you will be introduced to the grandeur and elegance of Venice architecture. Many beautiful buildings, magnificent churches, and stunning houses can be seen as you traverse The Grand Canal.

To see all the grand structures, tourists choose to travel through the waterway by gondola rather than the common transportation units – the waterbus and private water taxi.

There are three different bridges constructed along The Grand Canal – the Rialto Bridge, the Ponte degli Scalzi, and the Ponte dell’Accademia. The section between the Santa Lucia Railway Station and the Rialto Bridge provides the most picturesque views in all of Venice. This is where you will be able to see century-old palaces. That is not to say, however, that the other sections of the Canal are short of interesting sights. In fact, every structure along the sides of The Grand Canal are worth a second look.


The Grand Canal is believed to follow the course of an ancient river, which flows into the lagoon. Before the Roman Age, there have already been settlements in the place, specifically the Adriatic Veneti group.

Later on, more houses and buildings were constructed along side the Canal and facilities that aid in ship’s unloading were also built. From that time to present time, construction of houses and buildings in Venice decorated the view from The Grand Canal.


The amount you need to allot for an exploration of the Grand Canal is basically the amount you will pay for renting a gondola or a water taxi, whichever you choose.

Besides that, have some extra dollars for exploring the city of Venice, which offers many attractions other than The Grand Canal.

Other Info

The ride down The Grand Canal is the best choice for foreign tourists would like to have a taste of Venice, Italy. Traversing through the waterway will give you the most impressive sights of the city’s palaces, churches, and grandeur houses. It is not surprising, after all, that The Grand Canal is Venice’s major tourist attraction.