The Great Theatre of Havana – Cuba

The Great Theatre of Havana – Cuba is the official home of the country’s premier ballet group, the Cuban National Ballet. It is likewise the official venue of Havana’s International Ballet Festival.


The Great Theatre of Havana – Cuba is located at 458 Paseo de Prado, esquina a San Rafael. It is within the Palacio Del Centro Gallego.

Getting There

Getting around Havana is relatively easy as there are taxis that can be easily hailed from anywhere in the city.

Tourists are advised to take the state-run taxi services as there are illegal taxis roaming the streets and these could not only pose a problem if you get flagged down by the police but these may also cost you more.

Another option is to rent out a bicycle and cycle your way throughout the city. There are bike trails that you can take so you won’t have to weave around the usual traffic.

What to See

From the outside, the building that houses The Great Theater of Havana – Cuba is already an amazing spectacle. Designed after the Neo-Baroque architectural style, the interiors of the theater are just as impressive as its exterior design.

The grand marble staircase and the sculptures inside add to the majestic feel of the theater. The four marble sculptures represent Theater, Music, Education and Charity. The sculptures are the works of Giuseppe Moretti.

There are seasonal ballets, dance concerts and other shows held in the theater each year. These seasonal shows usually have performances by the Cuban National Ballet where you can watch the country’s Prima Ballerina as well as world-renowned performance artists.

There are likewise weekly shows here that you can also watch.

Brief History

The Great Theater of Havana – Cuba staged its very first performance in the year 1837 but it was formally inaugurated the following year, in 1838 on the 15th of April.

Construction of the building that presently houses the Great Theater of Havana – Cuba began some time in 1908. The former building standing on the site where the theater now stands was demolished in order to pave the way for construction of the current building.

It was through the efforts of the country’s Prima Ballerina, Alicia Alonso that the building was officially named The Great Theater of Havana – Cuba some time in the year 1985.


Tickets costs for the shows at The Great Theater of Havana – Cuba vary depending on the artists performing. Usually however, weekly shows are pegged at around US$10 per ticket.

For accommodations around Havana, these could be anywhere from US$80 up to US$120 per room, per night depending on your choice of hotel.

Other Information

Unfortunately, some hotels do not tell you upfront that they do not have hot water in the showers and the AC system is rather bad. It is therefore recommended to check the rooms first prior to making your reservation.