The Hadramout Valley – Yemen

The Hadramout Valley in Yemen is the biggest of its kind in the Arabian Peninsula. Although not a well known tourist destination, it has many interesting features.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The valley extends for 160 km and goes up to Thamoud in the Valley of Masila. It is located at the Aden Gulf by the Arabian Sea. It goes all the way to the eastern portion of Yemen and the Omani border. The place used to be difficult to access, but there are now public and tour buses that can bring you to the area directly.

What to See There

The Hadramout Valley is known for the numerous palms trees in the area. Its inhabitants dwell in settlements concentrated on watering stations by the wadis. Here you will see people tending to dates, planting coffee and coconut groves. Bedouins tending goats and sheep are visible from the plateau. The prevailing atmosphere in the place
is one of antiquity.

Archeologists have unearthed wing statues and fortifications in the site. These discoveries have prompted Director General of the Antiquities Authority Abdulrahman al-Saqqaf to say that the findings will go a long way towards explaining the site’s origin.


There are several theories advanced for the name’s origin. One is that it came from a moniker of Amar bin Qahtan meaning “death has arrived”. Another hypothesis is that the name is connected to the Hazarmaveth mentioned in the Bible (1 Chronicles 1:20 and Genesis 10:26).

If this account is true, it means the site was already in existence before the Greco-Roman civilization emerged. However there are still some researchers who dispute this claim.


Transportation costs vary. Car rentals have a deposit payable and you need to be at least 21 years old. Bus fares are on a per km basis (YR3 per km). A few buses will charge depending on the trip duration. Minibuses are less expensive. Shared taxis cost YR30.

Other Info

In a narrow sense, the valley refers only to the Kathiri and Qu’aiti sultanates. In this sense, the area would be made up of the coastal plain with a broad plateau boundary. In broader terms, the valley refers to the Mahra territory up to the Moani border.

The Hadramout Valley in Yemen is not a place which tourists frequent. But if you are looking for something different to visit, this place is certainly worth a try.