The Helsinki Market Square – Finland

Finnish love going to the markets. In fact, their markets are always lively, reflecting just how the locals go about their everyday lives. If you happen to be in Finland and you want to learn more about the place and its people, one of the best things to do is to explore their markets. The Helsinki Market Square is a nice option for that kind of exploration.

Location and How to Get There

The Helsinki Market Square is situated in downtown Helsinki. It is near the center of the country capital and is on the eastern end of Esplanadi.

The Market Square is reachable by boat cruises and ferry links. You would not find it hard to get there because transportation is efficient all-year round.

What to See There

The Helsinki Market Square is teeming with interesting activities.

During spring and until autumn, the Market Square is a good source of the freshest produce. Fruits and vegetables along with Finnish souvenirs are sold widely on the shops.

During October, the Helsinki herring market is held yearly. It is an interesting period when archipelagans come over to sell their fresh catch directly from their boats.

All-year round, every first Friday of the month, old American cars are being displayed on the market for everyone to marvel about. It was an interesting tradition intended for car owners and car enthusiasts of all kinds.

If you are lucky, you may also catch a glimpse of seagulls snatching down snacks from unsuspecting tourists. They have become increasingly menacing and victimize mostly tourists who are hardly aware of what they can do, stealing even ice cream from the hands of market-goers.

But the star of this destination is indeed the variety of goods available in cloth-covered stalls. There are souvenirs, interesting food delights, fresh meats from salmon to reindeer, an array of bread, berries, vegetables, handicrafts, jewelries, and antiques among others.


The Market Square started centuries before. It has long since been the center for trade and tourism in Helsinki and in Finland in general.

As early as 18th century, the Market Square is being enjoyed widely for its goods, its relaxing atmosphere decorated by sea air, and its delectable food delights. Market-goers usually not just trade goods but swap stories as well.


There are so many things to buy at The Helsinki Market Square. Therefore, you must allot a good amount of budget for a tour there.

Other Info

From the Helsinki Market Square, a number of other destinations are quite accessible including St. Petersburg, Suomenlinna, the Presidential Palace, the Town Hall, and Turku.