The Lekures Castle in Saranda – Albania

The Lekures Castle in Saranda (also spelled Sarande) is a 16th century Albanian castle turned eatery / tourist attraction. It is one of the most visited tourist sites in the country.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The castle is found in the Vlore region of southern Albania. This is very close to the border it shares with Greece. Saranda is a town located between the Ionian Sea and the mountains. You can reach the site by land or by sea.

There are ferryboats cruising daily close to Corfu Island. From Albania, the connection is via Vlore to Riviera. Another connection is from Gjrokaster to Tepelene.

What to See There

The castle is simple in appearance but at the same time quite imposing. The castle is made of a single building. The castle still has its old traditional form. However, it has been changed into a restaurant.

From the restaurant, you can enjoy a fine vista of the Saranda harbor. Corfu Island and several valleys, hills and mountains can be seen. Different meals are served in the Lekures Castle in

Saranda. The specialties are vegetables and meat. You can also partake of different European and Albanians wines.


The castle’s origins are still subject to dispute. Most researchers believe that it was built in 1537 by Sultan Suleyman. He built the castle when he launched an invasion of Corfu Island. He needed the castle to strengthen his hold on the Saranda harbor. The fortress was built on the ruins of an old village.


The ferry trip costs at least 25 Euros per person. When paying for public transport to the site, remember that the Albanian currency is Lek. The taxis cost 25 to 30 Euros. Bus fares go for at least 300 Lek.

Other Info

When you approach the castle, you will see that it has a square shape. The tower on the southeastern and northwestern corners have bee preserved. A top has been included in the fortress. There are also a few hotels in the area. One of the finest is Hotel Joni. It lies 15 km to the south of Saranda.

Most trips to the Lekures Castle in Saranda do not require a visa or fee. You just have to bring your passport. However, you should check with your tour provider first. There may be more requirements depending on the length of your stay in the country.