The Marienplatz in Munich – Germany

Munich, the capital city of the Federal State of Bavaria, is divided into several districts. One of these is the City Center, the heart of the city.

This is considered by many as the most interesting spot in all of Munich because of its numerous landmarks and structures plus streets lined with pubs and restaurants.

The most popular spot in the City Center on the other hand is the Marienplatz in Munich – Germany.


The Marienplatz in Munich – Germany is within the City Center area of Munich, just above the S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations.

Getting There

With the S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations situated just below the square, the fastest and easiest way to reach the Marienplatz in Munich – Germany is via one of these trains.

All S-Bahn lines pass through Marienplatz while U-Bahn lines for the square are U3 and U6.

From the station, it is an easy walk up to the square.

What to See and Do

For first-time visitors, one of the things that they look forward to experiencing is the dancing of the figures of the Glockenspiel. At 11 in the morning each day, the Glockenspiel chimes and then the dancing figures do their performance.

During summers, there is also a performance at two and five in the afternoon of each day.

There are several notable structures within the square, such as the New Town Hall or Neues Rathaus. The Glockenspiel is actually at the tower of this edifice.

There is also the Fischbrunnen which is a small Fish Fountain built by Konrad Knoll in the year 1864. The fountain today is a reconstruction of the original one as the former was destroyed during the Second World War.

The Old Town Hall on the other hand, is also a reconstruction of the original one as this was first destroyed by a fire, and then the new, re-built one was destroyed once more during WWII. The building that stands today is a reconstruction based on the original fifteenth century design.

Standing at the center of Marienplatz is a column that was erected in honor of the Virgin Mary. On top of the column is a statue of the Virgin Mary standing on top of a crescent moon.

Brief History

The Marienplatz in Munich – Germany was originally a place for selling various products such as local produce and for holding different tournaments.

The square was actually named after the column that stands in the center of the square called the Mariensäule.

Prior to being renamed Marienplatz, the square was known as Schrannen. It was only named after the column of the Virgin Mary to seek the help of the Virgin Mary in protecting the town from a cholera scare.


There is actually no cost to visit the Marienplatz in Munich – Germany as you are free to enter and exit the square. However, if you want to go to the top of the tower in the New Town Hall, there is a fee of 4 Euros per person.

Accommodations around the city center range from 77 Euros to 265 Euros per night, for mid-range hotels; and about 150 to 615 Euros per night for more expensive hotels.

Other Information

There are several festivities that take place within the Marienplatz in Munich – Germany at various times of the year so you may want to ask around or check for upcoming events that will coincide with your visit to make your trip even more memorable.