The Milky Way Lagoon – Palau

Palau is a picturesque island southeast of the Philippines. The Milky Way lagoon is one of the many reasons people flock here to visit for a relaxing vacation.

Location and How to Get There

The Milky Way Lagoon is located in the Rock Islands, a region that is made up of 300 islands, which are mostly uninhabited.

Getting around Palau is all about hiring a taxi or a car rental. But since your target location is in an island region, be prepared to ride a boat to get to The Milky Way Lagoon. Don’t worry because the locals are helpful and friendly enough to take you to your destination.

What to See There

Basically, The Milky Way Lagoon is famous for its being a natural spa treatment. Locals and tourists alike look forward to apply the white mud from the lagoon all over their body. Tourist guides claim that applying the mud will make you lose ten years off your age. Well, it doesn’t matter if it delivers or not because the experience alone is worth it.

Aside from the natural spa experience, The Milky Way Lagoon also offers a stunning view of natural beauty.

It is a nice place to have a soothing and relaxing time. It is tranquil and peaceful, great for soul-searching. Tour guides can help you out in exploring The Milky Way Lagoon but if you are in for some adventure, you can just rent a boat and have a go.


Almost every tourist destination that you can find in Palau is a gift of nature. There is not one bit of history why they existed. You can only hear a word or two from the guides how it was discovered and how it became in demand among tourists of all kinds.

The natural allure of The Milky Way Lagoon draws tourists all year through. It is a nice side trip when you are exploring the famous Rock Islands.


The amount you will have to pay to have an adventure at The Milky Way Lagoon is basically for your boat ride and your tour guide. There us no fee required to enter this beautiful haven.

Other Info

Aside from The Milky Way Lagoon, you might also want to include in your itinerary some of the more interesting sights nearby. There’s the Shark City where you can go snorkeling to get a glimpse of sharks. There is also the Jellyfish Lake where you can also snorkel and watch millions of jellyfishes swimming through.