The Peak in Tegucigalpa – Honduras

The Peak in Tegucigalpa is a hill overlooking the downtown area. Locally it is known as El Picacho and is one of the main attractions of the area.


Tegucigalpa is the capital of the Honduras. It is situated at the southern part of the country. It is in the Francisco Morazan province. You can reach the city by international bus lines from Guatemala City or Managua, San Salvador. The cheapest is Ticabus.



What to See

The El Picacho hill is a medium sized mountain. It has a rugged appearance. From downtown you will see it serving as the backdrop. If you are standing near the peak, you will see the residential areas below it. You will also see the ring of mountains encompassing the city as well as the hills.

Not too far off the Peak in Tegucigalpa is the Parque el Picacho. The views from the park are splendid. The national zoo is also near by. The zoo is situated at the same hill as the statue of Christ. The zoo has several animals, including monkeys, jaguars, crocodiles and snakes.


Native Americans had been residing in the area way before the Europeans came to it. Even before the Europeans arrived, they were already calling the city by its present name. It was during the 1500s when the Europeans arrived. The founding day of the city is said to be on September 29, 1578 but some historians doubt this. The city was declared the country’s capital in 1880.

The Native Americans were known as the Lenca. However, very little is known about them. The Europeans who came to the city realized that the city was full of silver. In fact, its name probably means silver hill in the native language.


The entry to the park is 5 USD.

Other Info

One of the most interesting places in the city is Parque La Leona. This neighborhood is in the middle of Tegus and overlooks the park. It is the location of the La Leona park. The views are beautiful, there is a relaxing atmosphere and it is not crowded. There is a restaurant near the park. You can buy some Honduran food there.

The Peak in Tegucigalpa is just one of the many attractions in the city. The city also has the Mall Multiplaza. This is a high end mall comparable to the ones you will find in America. You can also try the San Isidrio Market.