The Pec Patriarchy in Pec City – Kosovo

The Pec Patriachy monastery is one of the most important historical sites in Kosovo. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


The monastery is situated a couple of kilometers at the northwest of Pec (Peja in Kosovo) city.

What to See

The monastery is known for its numerous and splendid paintings. There are several frescoes in the monastery. Particularly popular are the frescoes at the north facade of the Church of St. Demtrios. This fresco shows a nobleman and a Serbian queen.

It is also worth noting that the remains of the archbishops of Pec and the Serbian patriarchs are buried there. The 14th century saw modifications to the monastery made. Some of these can still be seen at the Pec Patriachy monastery.


The precise date for the building of the complex is unknown. The most commonly accepted theory is that the site had become a metoh (land governed and owned by a monastery) while Saint Siva was still living. Saint Siva died in 1235. It is believed that the monastery became a metoh of the monastery of Zica. This used to be the Serbian archbishopric seat.

It was Archbishop Arsenije I (d. 1266) who had the Church of the Holy Apostles constructed. He wanted it built at a place near the center of the nation. He also wanted a more secure location for the church. Around the year 1250, he had the place refurbished.

In 1320, the Church of Saint Demetrius was constructed by Archbishop Nikodim I. Ten years later in 1330, Archbishop Danilo II constructed another church. It was built to the south of the first church. At the front of these churches he added a monumental narthex. A tower was constructed at the front of the narthex.


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Other Info

In June 2006, restoration work on the complex began. The work was completed in November of the same year. The goals were to fix the interior walls and protect the complex from the changing weather. It was during the course of these repairs that the frescoes of the queen and the nobleman were accidentally uncovered.

The Pec Patriachy monastery is not just a historical landmark, but also a place where religious pilgrimages are sometimes made. If you are going to drop by, make sure to dress conservatively.