The River Jordan – Jordan

A Jordan River tour is almost always on the itinerary of tourists visiting Israel or Jordan. The river is not only a beautiful sight but it also figures prominently in religions and culture.


The river is at the eastern border of Israel. The river is 251 kilometers (156 miles) long and goes into the Dead Sea.

What to See

The river is a great place to check out the different wildlife in the region. The beautiful scenery makes it a great place to go hiking too. The tributaries of the river are great areas to go bird watching. The best time to view the birds is during early spring. When you are on a Jordan River tour, you can try birdwatching at the Hula Valley.

Today, the river is not just a popular tourist attraction. It is also now a symbol used for spiritual, gospel and folk music. The river can also be seen as a symbol of freedom.

This view is applicable as the Israelites made a difficult journey to the Promised Land. Given its religious setting, the environment is very peaceful and serene. Even the non-religious will find the river tranquil.


There are several tributaries in the river. These include the Hasbani that flows of Lebanon. The Banias comes from the base of Mount Hermon. There is also the Dan whose source is at Mount Hermon. The Lyon tributary flows from Lebanon.

The river flows from Lake Hula at the south. It then drains into the Jordan Valley to make a tropical basin. The path of the river goes on to the Lake Kinneret. It passes by Tberias city and flows into the Dead Sea.


Those on a budget can make do with a daily budget of JD 10 daily. A budget of JD 20 will provide you with better accommodation. But if you prefer to eat the food that the locals eat daily, $1 USD (71 qirsh) will be sufficient.

Other Info

The river is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. It is seen as a symbol of rebirth, renewal and fertility. The banks of the river was where Joshua gathered the Israelites and got them ready to cross the waters. The prophet Elisha cured Naaman of leprosy by immersing him in the river.

When you are on a Jordan River tour, you will also learn that it was where Jesus was baptized. Given its history the river has special significance for Christians.