The Rocky Mountains in Alberta – Canada

The Rocky Mountains in Alberta is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Canada. Not only is it scenic, but the parks ensure a plethora of exciting activities for the visitor.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The Alberta Rockies begins at Jasper, Hinton and all the way to the northern Icefields Parkway. To the south are Banff and Kananaskis Country. Tourists can book a flight in Calgary or Edmonton.

The Cranbrook airport is another option. The easiest method is to contact a tour operator that caters to travelers between Jasper and Edmonton. Transportation will consist of trains or buses.

What to See There

The majestic Rockies are the main attraction. The Alberta mountains have two major parks, the Banff National Park and the Jasper National Park. The Banff Park includes the towns of Lake Louise and Banff. Jasper National Park of course, includes Jasper town.

Majority of the activities are centered on outdoor adventures. Activities include spelunking, rock climbing and snowmobiling. Tourists can also go alpine skiing or hiking in one of the many trails.


The Rocky Mountains in Alberta are different from those in the US. The American Rockies are composed of igneous and metamorphic rock. The mountains in Alberta are made of sedimentary rocks. The American Rockies were formed by uplift under it. The Canadian Rockies were formed by rocks thrusting into Alberta. From base to summit, the Canadian Rockies are higher.


The expenses will depend on how long the trip will be. It will also depend on the amenities the tour operator provides. Budget trips will cost at least $1,000. If there are extra side trips and first class accommodations, expect the price to reach $2,000 or more.

Other Info

The towns of Jasper, Lake Louise and Banff are all designed to cater to tourists. There are hotels nearby, as well as eateries and restaurants.

In terms of language, Banff is most helpful for tourists. Language is not a problem at Lake Louise either. The third best option is Jasper. You may need some assistance or guide if going to Kananaskis, Waterton, Field and other smaller towns.

From October to May, it becomes hard to travel the Vancouver highway due to snow. It is best to include your trip to the Rocky Mountains in Alberta before or after the winter season. Novice drivers must not traverse the highway during these times.