The Roman Forum in Rome – Italy

The Colosseo is one of the most interesting districts in the city of Rome. This is where you will find the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine and the Roman Forum.


The Roman Forum in Rome – Italy is situated between Palatine Hills and Capitoline Hills in the district of Colosseo.

Getting There

You can reach the Roman Forum in Rome – Italy through Via dei Fori Imperiali. You can either take the Metro or any pf the bus routes passing through Via dei Fori Imperiali.

For the Metro, take Metro Line B which stops at the Colosseum. This is to the east of The Forum so you can easily walk there from the stop at the Colosseum.

Bus routes that pass through Via dei Fori Imperiali are bus numbers 60, 75 and 85. The Forum is on the right side and entrance is through Via dei Fori Imperiali.

What to See

The Roman Forum in Rome – Italy is a good place to view magnificent temple ruins, arches and plenty of other structures that played a significant role in Rome’s history including the Senate House which is called The Curia.

The Arch of Titus, found at the other end of The Forum, was constructed in honor of Emperor Titus who was responsible for looting a Jewish temple located in Jerusalem.

The arch has depictions of this event with Romans carrying the treasures they have looted and more significantly, Romans carrying an important religious symbol for the Jews, the Menorah.

The Temple of Saturn was constructed under the orders of Titus Larcius some time in the 17th BC. It was destroyed by a fire and later reconstructed in the 4th AD. Today, just 8 columns of this great temple still stand.

The Basilica of Maxentius was constructed some time in the fourth century by Maxentius and was completed during the time of Constantine, hence; this structure is also sometimes called the Basilica of Constantine.

This is the last of the structures to be built in this city.

Brief History

The Roman Forum in Rome – Italy was an important place in ancient Rome. Here, people came to sell and buy things thus serving as a busy marketplace in ancient times.

While it was built for this purpose, it soon became the center of activity for political, economic, and religious purposes. This soon had sacred temples, triumphal arches, and basilicas.

This became the venue for elections, gladiator fights, public oratories and trials for criminals. With the fall of the Roman Empire, the site fell into decay and was used as a pastureland during the Middle Ages.


There is a packaged ticket available for visiting the Roman Forum in Rome – Italy, the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill. Ticket costs 12 Euros and is valid for up to two days.

An audio guide can be rented for 4 Euros. This is recommended as this tells you the history of each structure within the Forum.

Other Information

Visiting he Roman Forum in Rome – Italy will have you walking under the heat of the sun for most of the time. It is therefore recommended that you bring bottled water, wear sunscreen and hats to protect yourself from the sun.