The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels – Belgium


The Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels – Belgium are one of the top tourist destinations in the country. They are situated conveniently in the nation’s capital, specifically in the downtown area. This means that you need to take a short trip to Coudenberg to get to these museums.

Tourists and visitors have the option to either drive to the museums or take one of the trains in Brussels Central. Take bus 20, 96, 71, 34, or 35. In case you decide to drive there, you may take your vehicle to Parking Albertine. The street address of the said museums is Place Royale 3, Brussels, 1000.

What to See

The four museums visitors will have the joy of visiting include the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Ancient Art, Antoine Wiertz Museum, and Constantin Meunier Museum. The treasure trove you’ll find in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels – Belgium will include a fine collection of sculptures, paintings, and drawings numbering to more than 20,000 items.

The two latter museums are dedicated housing the works of Belgian artists. Some of the popular works you’ll find here come from such artists as Robert Campin, Bruegel, and Rogier van der Weyden. They also have Flemish paintings gracing their halls. Exhibitions are also quite common and will be scheduled at different times in a given year.


The beginnings of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels – Belgium started with a small art collection. This small collection was first set up in the year 1797. The original home of the first set of art works was Charles of Lorraine’s palace.

The building complex that visitors see today was only completed in 1887, which eventually prompted the transfer of the collection to the new structure. By this time, the original collection has already grown and expanded to a certain degree. More items were added as years went by.


Visitors to the said museums will be required to pay entrance fees. Students and senior citizens will be charged only five euros. Individual entrance will be at eight euros. Teachers, the handicapped including their companions, and people who are unemployed won’t be charged any fee. In case you go on a group tour, each member of the group will have to pay five euros. An audio guide is also available for four euros.

Additional Information

Opening hours of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels – Belgium are from 10 am to 5 pm from Tuesdays to Sundays. Pets, cell phones, cameras, food, and smoking are not allowed. However, there are museum cafes where one can get snacks when they want to take a break.