The Rugova Gorge – Kosovo

The Rugova Gorge is one of the more impressive natural landmarks in Kosovo. Its distinct features have made it much sought after by rock climbers.


This gorge is at the west end of Kosovo. It is just beyond the town of Peja (this town is known as Pec by the Serbs). You can get to the gorge by way of M9 road. When you go through a narrow pass, you will enter the gorge.

What to See

The walls of the gorge reach 609 meters/2,000 feet over the River Drini. The road leading to this canyon is just as imposing. It is 16 miles / 25 km long and has several hairpin turns. You will also go through man-made tunnels.

Once you emerge from the tunnels, you will come face to face with the gorge. Part of the tourist attractions in Rugova Gorge are the enchanting caves and the towering peaks. Rock climbers will relish the chance to ascend the challenging rock faces.


Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008. Today there are 76 nations that accept its claim of independence. The territory is mainly a Muslim and Albanian speaking area. Majority of the area is secular however. There are also some minorities living in the place.

Serbia is at the northeast of its border. At the south is Macedonia and Montenegro is at the northwest. Albania is at its west. Note that the boundary with Serbia is viewed by Serbia as an internal boundary that keeps Kosovo separated from the rest of the central province.

Almost 90% of the population are Albanians. The name is the English Republic of Kosovo officially. However, some refer to it as Kosova. If you are in the territory, do not be surprised if many can speak German and English. Many are more than willing to share their stories with you.


Bus fares in Kosovo cost about 4 Euros. There are many travel packages to Kosovo available. Some have starting prices of just a couple hundred Euros.

Other Info

if you are not inclined to climb the gorge, you can just admire the scenery and take photos. Or you can drive a little farther and go to the Stankaj and Bo-gaj villages. These are great places to go hiking.

The Rugova Gorge is one of the most impressive natural sites you will come across when visiting Kosovo. If you are looking for something different to visit, this is a good place to try.